It’s hard work in a fast-paced environment, but really fun to be part of this team. Specific duties include pouring beverages, serving and clearing tables, washing dishes, moving ice, kegs and supplies, taking out the trash, and checking IDs. In addition, this crew stocks and maintains beer/wine supplies for other Festival bars. NOTE: Last shifts of each day, closing shifts, all include tear-down duties. All members of this crew must be 21+ years of age. If you're a person who loves to work hard, see what needs to be done and get it done, and wants to have a lot of fast-paced fun, this is the job for you! We encourage you to sign up for 3 Bar Harbor shifts so we can keep things efficient. Please only sign up for the "super fast-paced" shifts if you are comfortable really working hard! While Bar Harbor is always busy, these shifts are even busier!

This Job has no upcoming Shifts.  First Shift:

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